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Family Assistance Program

Having a strong supportive family structure can be the determining factor of the success and well-being of a human being. In 2019, it was reported by Mental Health First Aid, that in the United States, 46.4% of adults experience a mental illness during their lifetime. Save The Planet is creating support systems for families in the community that suffer from addiction, child behavior, parenting help, violence, poverty, disease, physical & mental impairment, and other social issues.

In creating a support system, we plan to look primarily towards counseling. In the African community, counseling is not of the first choice however we plan to educate the public on the importance of counseling and working with families who may be experiencing issues that require counseling.

We provide domestic violence support and assistance to women & men and provide solutions to remove themselves from the situation permanently. In times, we know families and people may suffer from homelessness, we would aid the communities by building brick and mortars in high homeless populated areas that will assist and work with the community and internal region of our organization to provide food to the homeless.

In addition, we will offer suicide prevention hotlines and programs for suicide that would be directed by our licensed partnered counselors and committee members in the organization. Save The Planet will be offering counseling and support to the LGBTQIA+ families/peoples as some may be facing backlash, threats, disownment, or silence where there should be love and support. In all, we would be accepting donations from people, companies, and organizations to help these families by providing clothing, food, and safe shelter during their time of need.

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