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Help us Save the African Community - Donate Today!

Africa is home to 1.216 billion people, as reported in 2016, with 422 million people fighting against poverty. Our organization would like to change that narrative. There are communities that face destruction due to city drainage issues, families who cannot provide for there children, and schools that don't have enough resources to educate the students.

With your help, we can make a change for the better. By making a one-time donation (or recurring), we can help clean-up the Village of Makoko (as depicted above), help feed the children that were placed in orphanages in Ghana, and provide school supplies & books to schools in Togo to better educate the students.

We would also like to donate a goat to multiple families in The Gambia. You may be thinking, why a goat? Goats are easier and cheaper to buy and maintain than cattle and provide milk, hide, and meat to the families. Be the change this world needs to see and donate some resources to Africa. Donate Today

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